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Maritime Startup and Innovation Ecosystem Report

A new study, 'A quiet revolution - the maritime innovation ecosystem in Japan’, explores the commitments to IoT-based ship and crew management already made by corporate Japan, then goes on to offer unique insights into an emerging start-up culture.

This report, sponsored by Inmarsat, is the first of a series of in-depth profiles into maritime technology and start-ups in specific countries. It builds on ‘Trade 2.0: How start-ups are driving the next generation of maritime trade’, a global study launched by Inmarsat in 2019. Both are the work of authors Nick Chubb and Leonardo Zangrando

Japan’s maritime technology market

Japan’s maritime technology market is estimated at $8.8 billion today and is expected to be worth $15.8 billion by 2030, achieving a CAGR of 6.1%, four times faster than the maritime industry as a whole.

Japan's unique Maritime advantage

As the traditionally analog shipping fleet becomes increasingly digital, Japan’s status as a leading maritime nation, coupled with its innovation philosophy, puts the country at a natural advantage for maritime innovation. Startup-driven innovation is the new driver of maritime transformation for an ethical, sustainable and profitable maritime business. 

Japanese Ship Tech Growth

Maritime Startup Ecosystem Index

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The Inmarsat Solution

Inmarsat can help enable corporates, their partners and start-ups alike towards innovation. We offer Fleet Xpress, a high capacity, global broadband network, along with a dedicated bandwidth service, Fleet Connect, and a market-leading IoT platform, Fleet Data.

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