Are you finding it hard to access, extract and aggregate onboard data?

Do you have lots of data but no easy way to transfer it into a secure place?

Do you want to make your data accessible to third party analytics providers or make your own performance-based decisions?

Inmarsat’s Fleet Data platform extracts the data from onboard sensors and uploads it to a secure central cloud-based database for easy access with no additional airtime cost.

Users can access all their onboard sensor data from a simple dashboard and use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for easy customisation and analysis. Fleet Data is an enabler to improve operational efficiency, increase performance and benchmark data across an entire fleet or a single vessel. Key features include:

  • Dedicated bandwidth-inclusive service
  • Connect to sensors quickly and easily
  • Secure online dashboard
  • Download data and develop your own reports and metrics
  • Access to VDR data
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Fleet Data is powered by Inmarsat’s connectivity hardware modules. Developed using our decades of technology expertise and supported by our worldwide service network for installation and maintenance, these hardware modules provide the basic building blocks of a cost-efficient vessel IoT infrastructure

Remote Data Interface modules pick up analog, digital or serial sensor data throughout the ship for onboard data collection, while the Vessel Remote Server module connects to the vessel’s existing network/communication infrastructure for data transfer to shore.

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