Closure of Fleet 77 and Swift 64 services

Planned closure of the Fleet 77 and Swift 64 services at the end of 2020

All Valued Partners and Customers have been informed of the planned closure of the Fleet 77 and Swift 64 services at the end of 2020. The planned End-of-Life (EOL) dates for Fleet 77 and Swift 64 are shown below:

Service EOL Date*
Fleet 77 1 December 2020
Swift 64 31 December 2020

* Date subject to change for operational reasons.

What service migration options are available?

Customers are encouraged to migrate to one of the following Inmarsat services, which offer simultaneous voice and IP data.

Options for Fleet 77 users:
Fleet One
FleetBroadband 250 or 500
Fleet Xpress

Options for Swift 64 users:
Global Xpress

What happens to the service fees and charges?

Partners and customers should be aware that normal fees & charges continue to apply while any terminal is active on the network and the respective service is in use.

How does this closure impact Maritime Safety?

Fleet 77 GMDSS for voice communication will remain available until the EOL date.

Inmarsat is committed to providing safety at sea and will continue to offer and support our Inmarsat-C service. Inmarsat’s Fleet Safety, our next generation satellite safety service delivered over FleetBroadband and Fleet One, has also received formal GMDSS recognition by the IMO.