More Bandwidth for your ISR missions

L-MAX is an enhanced L-band lease service that bridges the gap between ELERA L-band and GX broadband services, all while using existing Swift Broadband hardware. Delivering ISR operations with the high throughput requirements to capture and transfer critical information in real time.


Specifically developed for Government requirements 

In response to increasing demand from military and civilian governments for wider bandwidth in the air – especially for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), battlefield surveillance, border patrol, fishery, forestry detection, and protection missions – Inmarsat is announcing the launch of its new L-MAX leasing service. 

High speed data over low SWAP terminals 

L-MAX allows government users to connect via both the I-4 and Alphasat satellites, whether static or on the move. Until now, ISR aircraft have had to choose between the exemplary SWAP (size, weight, power and price) features of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and the throughput advantages of the larger terminals of Inmarsat Global Xpress for operations – L-MAX bridges the gap between these two services, offering GX type speeds over L-band sized terminals. 

True flexibility enabling greater capability

L-MAX reserves bandwidth and power over a geographic region for a specified duration, and uses higher order modulation and coding (MODCOD) to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) data efficiently, providing a high data-rate, cost effective, end-to-end communication solution over a secure, highly resilient, and reliable Inmarsat private network. L-MAX requires minimal aircraft modification to achieve these significant throughputs, ensuring not only more effective sorties, but also much less downtime. 

In keeping with operational requirements for government users, the duration of the leases is flexible and can be tailored to specific mission requirements.  

Guaranteed bandwidth, guaranteed costs and guaranteeing flexibility for better decision-making

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Inmarsat Aero solutions for Government Operations

#1 in HoS/VVIP transport connectivity.

World leaders and government officials are continually demanding access to greater bandwidth and speeds for a seamless connected environment on the move.

Inmarsat are the number one provider of Head of State (HoS)/Very very important person (VVIP) connectivity services across L and Ka-band. 

Over 100 connected ISR assets 

The way military forces conduct their Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions has dramatically changed with real-time information sharing and timely delivery of intelligence gathered in the field considered critical to mission success. Inmarsat has delivered increased operational capability to governments across the world. 
* outside of US Market

4000+ Multirole transport connections

With increasingly diverse mission profiles rom transport and logistics to humanitarian support, military transport aircraft rely on connectivity to deliver and receive real-time mission data to enhance their operations. Inmarsat has a strong heritage through our Classic Aero, cockpit connectivitysolution, safety services and high-speed data offering.

10+ STC’s currently available for various rotary platforms 

Connectivity plays a critical role for helicopter operators from MEDEVAC to Search and Rescue, in theatre and ISR operations. Ensuring crew and ground support can communicate effectively beyond line of sight (BLOS) and terrestrial connectivity is crucial. Inmarsat and its technology partners can deliver connectivity across a wider range of rotary wing platforms.

1st transatlantic UAV crossing

UAV operators rely on SATCOM to deliver BLOS connectivity for Command and Control (C2) along with access to real-time surveillance or mission data. Inmarsat provided SwiftBroadband to support General Atomics Aeronautical Systems’ MQ-9B as it completed is maiden transatlantic crossing. 

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