Superyacht Connectivity Report 2018

In order to assess the state of play for satcomms in the Superyacht sector, we surveyed and interviewed industry specialists to gain a comprehensive insight into the usage, requirements and future of on-board satellite communications.

The study highlights that superyacht captains and crew are reporting increasing demand for satellite delivered bandwidth to drive vessel management, address higher than anticipated usage of internet of things (IoT) applications onboard and to deliver navigation optimisation.

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Cyber Security:

63% of yachts rely on a simple on-board firewall or crew managed system

With the advance of digitalisation, cyber resilience amongst superyachts is still seen to be in its infancy with only basic firewalls preventing a harmful cyber-attack.

Satcomms Influencers:

Captains are the biggest influencers over the choice of satcomms provider

While the ultimate decision-makers are the owners and their immediate representatives, there are several stakeholders involved in the process.

Factors of importance when assessing and prioritising satcomms needs

Primary uses of satcomms aboard



Fleet Xpress for Superyachts

Whether owner, crew member or guest, the expectancy of broadband availability has never been greater and demand continues to grow as personal devices require ever increasing bandwidth and continuous connectivity.

Inmarsat is powering this maritime data revolution with its global Fleet Xpress service; two independent networks combined into one seamless solution, keeping you connected whenever and wherever you are.

Fleet Xpress for superyachts provides added flexibility to meet seasonal demand changes – high bandwidth during peak demand and minimal service off-season. In addition, the newly integrated Fleet Secure service provides both network and end-point security alongside cyber threat detection.

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