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Inmarsat has been keeping ships, crew and passengers connected for over 40 years. Connected to loved ones, to colleagues, to the news and all-the-very-latest on social, from anywhere in the world.

Fleet Xpress from Inmarsat is the most modern and fastest growing satellite communications service in the world. Now installed on over 9,000 vessels, Fleet Xpress is the number one choice for ensuring fast, reliable communications for ship-to-shore, passengers and crew.

The service combines both Ka-band and L-band services to deliver global coverage, ultra-high reliability and guaranteed service levels. Customers benefit from unlimited data and built-in unlimited backup - all at predictable and controlled costs.

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Get more value from your secondary connectivity

Many backup services can be poor value for money as they cost you whilst they stand idle, then they cost extra for any backup data used. In contrast, Fleet Xpress can operate as a fully working secondary channel that delivers more value and benefits for captain, crew and operator.

Offering unlimited data, Fleet Xpress services include Fleet Hotspot for onboard wifi, Crew Xpress for crew connectivity, Fleet Secure UTM for cyber-security and Fleet Data for uploading data from vessel sensors. 

Because Fleet Xpress includes its own built-in backup service (via FleetBroadband) there are no extra costs for backup, no limits on data usage and no bill shock.

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Inmarsat’s Crew Xpress is the easy way for your crew to get the connectivity they need, through a dedicated self-managed internet service - with pay as you go crew calling and internet data access. All run separately from the vessel's operational bandwidth. 

Your crew can benefit from discounted rates and free access to vital support services like the ISWAN SeafarerHelp portal.  The Wi-Fi portal enables crew members to purchase flexible internet vouchers and top up as needed - contactless payments and credit/debit cards are supported.

Crew Xpress operates as an independent communications channel via Inmarsat’s market-leading VSAT service, Fleet Xpress.

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Crew Welfare 2.0 Report

COVID-19 put seafarer welfare in the spotlight globally, but the main issues impacting welfare at sea existed long before the current crisis began and will remain long after.

A free report commissioned by Inmarsat and written by Thetius explores the underlying factors affecting crew safety, welfare and learning, and highlights companies working to address the pain points.

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Enabling smarter, safer vessels

The increase in digitalisation across maritime continues to be driven by opportunities for shipping companies and operators - to reduce fuel emissions, enhance vessel performance, optimise voyages and most importantly save lives at sea.

Inmarsat is at the forefront of enabling digitalisation through our digital services and growing network of innovative CAPs (Certified Application Providers). Our Fleet Data service enables you to extract data from onboard vessel sensors and upload it to a secure cloud-based database for easy access by your service partners.

Our Certified Application Providers, including NAPA, ABB, NAUTILUS LABS, can make magic happen with your data. All offer real-time monitoring of onboard critical systems, advanced performance evaluation and predictive data analytics, contributing to greener, saver and more efficient vessels.

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Telemedicine for onboard healthcare

Ensuring expert and immediate healthcare at sea for passengers and crew is a high priority for all cruise operators and Inmarsat has partnered with leading telemedicine provider VIKAND to achieve that aim.

Powered by Fleet Xpress, VIKAND HealthNet™ integrates all aspects of healthcare and medical operations for vessel owners and operators, utilising the latest satellite communication tools and medical technology, supported by an experienced maritime medical team.

As a complete medical solution, VIKAND HealthNet covers all healthcare needs including urgent care, monthly house doctor calls, chronic disease management, crew wellness, medical chest management, medical equipment technical support, a customized mental health program and a 24/7 medical emergency support hot-line.

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Stay connected from the ends of the earth

For cruise operators and expedition agencies voyaging to the most remote locations you need high speed satellite connectivity that works where other high speed satellites don't reach. You need Fleet Xpress from Inmarsat.

Offering bandwidths up to 16 Mbps currently, over modern high-performing 1 Metre and 60 CM antennas, Fleet Xpress provides guaranteed coverage up to 76 degrees North and South of the Equator, making it perfect for voyages in polar latitudes. Over the next two years Fleet Xpress will extend to full Arctic coverage.

Learn how pioneering operator Oceanwide is using Fleet Xpress for reliable vessel and passenger communications in the harshest environments. Inmarsat is proud to be a member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators).

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